Preserved Flower Candles

Putting flowers in your candle will add a unique look while preserving your favorite flower. We have been asked many times, how to put flowers and other objects on the outside of a candle. So, we’ll be showing you how it is done. The most important thing to remember is to be safe. Putting anything on your candles such as paint, dried flowers, ribbon, and other objects, poses a fire risk.

While this is unlikely to happen with this project, we need to warn you. We do not recommend burning any candle that has flammable material o­n it.

To start with, you will need a few supplies. First and the most important is a big pillar candle, at least 3″ in diameter. This will help keep the flame out of reach of anything you put o­n the candle. You will also need to have a small white votive, or the same color votive as your pillar, an old pan to melt wax in, a paintbrush, dried flowers or herbs, and ribbon.

Candle making is an art and requires exact precision in the melting process of the wax. Luckily you do not have to be exact in this project. Place the votive in your old pot; you will not be able to use this pot for food ever again. Next place the heat o­n Low Medium to Medium heat, DO NOT HEAT o­n HIGH. The o­nly thing we want to accomplish here is to melt the wax down to a liquid. As soon as the last solid piece melts, it is when you turn the heat down to low.

Next, select what you will want to put o­n your candle. If you are using flowers and leaves, make sure they have been pressed. Take the paintbrush and paint some melted wax o­nto the candle where you wish to place the flower. Place the flower o­n the wax before it hardens. The wax will harden quickly, securing the flower in place. Repeat this step for the leaves as well.

Another great idea is to place a picture o­n the candle using the method of painting the wax o­nto the candle. You can use many different things, but they must be flat.

After placing all your flowers and leaves o­nto the candle, we will need to seal the. The wax in your pot may have hardened some, so heat it o­n Medium Low to get the wax melted again. Brush the entire candle with wax. This will seal the flowers in place and give it a smooth finish. You might have to apply several coats. But if you use a picture, do not brush over it, this will ruin the picture and you will not be able to see the picture.

Last you can tie a ribbon around your candle to top it off. Another idea is to use the melted wax and paint small metal beads o­nto the candle for further embellishment.

This project can be done in many different ways, using anything from flowers, herbs, pictures to beads and glitter. But keep in mind the safety of your candle. We recommend not burning candles with flammable materials o­n them. If you do decide to burn these candles, use large pillars, as the sides of the candle tend not to burn down. Have fun and enjoy it.

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