Flower Bouquets: Soft Sculpture Calla Lilies

These beautiful blooms can be yours all year long with our easy fabric sculpture. Calla lilies are one of the most elegant, colorful flowers in the garden. They come in flame red, bright yellow, vivid purple, pale cream or delicate pink. Please read all directions thoroughly before beginning this project.


Scraps of flat fleece for blooms
Scraps of fabric for blooms
Various green fabrics for stems and leaves
Matching thread for flowers.
Florist wire for stems and leaves
Fabric glue that dries clear
Short jar
Marbles or shiny stones


Velvet, taffeta, satin or even polished cotton.
Once you have made a few of these, you will come up with your own beautiful combinations.


There are two sizes of flowers in this project. The larger o­ne is a shape 5″ high and 4″ wide approx. The smaller o­ne is a shape 4″ high and 3″ wide approx. The shape is rather oval with a tapered top. There is no hard, fast rules or measurements for this. Mother Nature doesn’t make two exactly alike.

For each flower cut two pieces of fabric and o­ne piece of fleece the size you wish to make. Our illustration shows o­ne large and two smaller flowers.


Leaves are cut from various dark and light solid co or fabrics. Large leaves are 10″ long and 3″ wide at the bottom. Small leaves are about 7″ long and 2″ wide at the bottom. See picture for shape.


Sew o­ne large fleece shape to the wrong side of o­ne large flower fabric shape.
With right sides together, sew to another large fabric shape, leaving the bottom edge open to turn.
Trim seal allowances to 1/4″ and turn right side out.
Turn seam allowance in along opening and finger press.
Do NOT stitch the bottom closed.
Repeat these steps for all flowers.


Stems can be any length from 8″ to 4″. The choice is yours.
Cut two pieces of florist wire for each stem and twist together.
Wrap 1″ strip of green fabric very tightly around wires for each stem.
Secure each end of stems with fabric glue and let dry.


With right sides together stitch leaf pieces.
Trim seam allowances and turn right side out.
Do NOT stitch bottom edge closed.
Repeat these steps for all leaves.

Cut floral wire twice the length of each leaf.
Fold in half, twist together and insert into each leaf.
Cut off excess wire if need be.
Do NOT stitch bottom edge closed.
Set aside

Insert wrapped stems into flowers thru open edge.
Pinch flower around stem and stitch together using tiny stitches and matching thread.
Repeat this with each flower.


Find a short vase or jar to arrange your soft sculpture bouquet.
Mine was o­nly about 4″ tall.
Fill the bottom half with shiny stones or marbles.
Arrange your bouquet to suit your taste.
You can glue the blooms and leaves to the bottom of the jar if you prefer.

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