Algae in the Water garden

In the spring months, a water garden can actually look pretty gross until the water balances out for the new summer growing season. Algae is a major problem in the spring water garden and in the new water garden. While you may realize that the water does need to balance out every spring season, the water garden may need a little help occasionally in getting algae under control.

Algae in the water garden can be difficult to control if you don’t realize that it is algae upsetting your pond. Here we are going to teach you about floating algae and how to control floating algae so it stops growing in your water garden leaving you with clearer water so you can see your fish.

green water algae ideas

green water algae ideas

Floating algae does turn the water green. How can you get floating algae under control and balance the water garden? The main cause for algae is that you are overfeeding the fish in the water garden. Another reason that floating algae occurs is that you have too many fish. Sometimes you have to get rid of a few fish to control the algae. Overfeeding of the fish happens during the warmest seasons when fish eat less. Only feed your fish about once a week and allow them to live off the pond environment during the rest of the week.
green pond algae with fish

green pond algae with fish

How can you control the number of fish that are living in your pond? You need to realize that for every square foot of water on your pond, you can have a one-inch fish. If you are putting a fish in that is four inches long, subtract four square feet of water from your total to realize how many more fish you can have in the water garden.

Another way that you can control the algae growing in your pond is to put additional oxygenating plants in the water. Keep in mind that just over half of your water garden should be covered with oxygenating plants to support cleaner and clearer water. If you don’t want to cover this much of your water garden, at least seek out plants that will be submerged in the water garden to add oxygen to the water keeping algae under control.

Blue-Green algae

Blue Green algae

Movements in the water will disturb the sediment and the waste at the bottom of the pond. A still water garden that you occasionally clean out the sediment in the bottom of the water will keep the algae under control. Too many fish can also cause too much waste to accumulate at the bottom of the water garden creating the perfect environment for algae to grow. A filtration system will aid in the cleansing of the water.

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